Abbe Estlander Flap for Lip Reconstruction in a Patient With Skin Cancer of the Lower Lip This flap has a named artery and an excellent blood supply. The pedicle of the flap is very small.


Erika Estlander har varit laktosintolerant sedan tonåren och som vuxen också känslig för gluten. Viss mat förvärrar magproblemen, men så länge hon är noga 

Balance between the lips is preserved because the resulting length of the donor lip is proportional to the length of the recipient lip. The new lip segment regains motor innervation within 8 weeks (34). The Estlander flap is a hardy local flap which can be used to reconstruct defects of 1/3-2/3 of both the upper and lower lip. Herein, we describe the operative technique of the Estlander flap for lip reconstruction.

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In the case of large defects of the lower lip with oral commissure, we opted for a reconstruction method in which the entire upper lip was incised and extended, a portion of which was reflected as a traditional Estlander flap. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators The Abbe flap has an excellent cosmetic result when it is used to replace the entire philtrum of the upper lip. The technique can also be used when the defect involves the commissure. This is called an Abbe-Estlander flap.

In this case we used a modified Abbe-Estlander flap to achieve all our goals. Results: The patient has satisfactory results in terms of aesthetic and functional outcome. Conclusion: The aim of the current work is to report a case of surgical therapy of the lower lip using a modified Abbe-Estlander flap.

The pedicle of the flap is very small. The biggest disadvantage is that two operations are required and the patient must have his lips sewn together for 4 to 6 weeks. The Estlander flap is most commonly used to repair full-thickness defects of the lip involving the oral commissure. In this method, a well-perfused axial flap supplied by the superior or inferior labial artery is applied.

Estlander flap

Table 2 Reconstructive method classification of lower lip defe - "Estlander flap combined with an extended upper lip flap technique for large defects of lower lip  

16 May 2019 Defect in the cheek and adjacent oral commissure after tumor resection, with the Abbe–Estlander flap prepared along the nasolabial fold,  Estlander described a technique that can be defined as an Abbé flap for labial Medial limit of the nasolabial flap must be medially dislocated in the lower part  Os flaps de um Boeing 757 estendidos para reduzir a velocidade (Domínio Boeing 747 com os flaps totalmente estendido em aproximação para pouso (  Get the best Pet Door ever made with great reviews! Energy-efficient Endura Flap ® doggy doors can be installed in many locations for pets of all sizes.

(1831–81) är  Abbé-Estlander) eller en fri vaskulariserad lambå. Optimal Perioperative Care in Major Head and Neck Cancer Surgery With Free Flap. Local Flaps - Dr Kenneth Oo. Cadaveric Dissection with Video Demonstration - All Faculty Members 1400 - 1515 Melolabial Flap, Abbe Estlander Flap & Other  3Q.Abbe-Estlander flap is used in the reconstruction.
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Estlander flap

For defects involving the commissure the Estlander flap with the pedicle  Versatility of the estlander flap: upper lip, lower lip and comissure reconstruction due to a dog bite. LAD Natalia Haro Alvarez, Jose de Jesus Orozco Grados,  22 Nov 2017 Keywords: Karapandzic flap, lips, squamous cell carcinoma Abbe flap, Abbe- Estlander flap, Karapandzic flap, and Bernard Webster flap are  17 Jan 2013 Conclusions. The association of the Abbe–Estlander flap and the vermilion myomucosal lower-lip flap provides reliable results for the  29 May 2020 File:Abbe-Estlander flap 12 days after 1st op.jpg dni po pierwszym etapie rekonstrukcji ubytku wargi dolnej przy użyciu płata Abbe-Estlander.

After 4 to 6 weeks the pedicle is divided and the lips are released. 1.
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Table 2 Reconstructive method classification of lower lip defe - "Estlander flap combined with an extended upper lip flap technique for large defects of lower lip